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A Louvre with a difference

Opened in December 2012, the Louvre-Lens is the fulfilment of a hope for renewal for this former mining region, backed by its inhabitants and the regional authorities. This fundamentally original project was a response to a new mission in the field of museums: to contribute to the social and economic revival of a region.

In 2020, the Louvre-Lens’s new curatorial and cultural project, the work of many different people, set out in precise terms its responsibilities towards the former mining heartland and the Hauts-de-France region. After a year spent rallying the team made up of the museum, the public, professionals and partners, the Louvre-Lens can now speak with a single enthusiastic and realistic voice. By sharing the Musée du Louvre’s wonderful national collections, it is embarking on an artistic and cultural venture that extends beyond the usual sphere of cultural action, embracing urban planning and social, economic, health and human concerns.

As part of this new curatorial and cultural project, five social and equitable commitments were forcefully defined. They were supported and championed by the entire museum team, with determination, humility and simplicity.