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27 September 2023 - 22 January 2024

Fantastic Animals

Discover the exhibition
Guided tour

For everyone, ages 8 and up

Until Monday 15/01

Weekdays 3pm and 4:15pm

Weekends and holidays 1:45pm, 3pm and 4:15pm Additional tours at 11am during the school holidays (zone B) Duration: 1h

From €4 to €6 (+ admission to the exhibition)

Booking required, limited number of places available

Tour in French sign language

Accompanied by a guide-interpreter (French sign language) and a gallery educator, discover, through a selection of works, why fantastic animals have so fascinated man since Antiquity.
Tour reserved for the deaf and hard of hearing and accompanying adults.

Ages 16 and up
Sunday 26 November
At 11am
Duration: 1h30
Free (+ admission to the exhibition)

Book online, limited number of places available, at

Discovery Tours

Several times a day, the museum’s educators will welcome you at the entrance to the exhibition for a imaginative journey through the world of fantastic animals. After a quick introduction to the exhibition’s principal themes, discover the guide’s personal favourite.

For everyone
Until Monday 15/01
Weekdays 3:15pm, 3:45pm, 4:15pm and 4:45pm
Weekend and holidays, and during the school holidays (zone B): additional sessions at 10:45am, 11:15am and 11:45am Duration: 15 min
Free (+ admission to the exhibition)
Departs from the entrance to the exhibition

Information point

Every day, between two Discovery Tours, museum staff will be on hand to receive visitors at the information point, which offers a selection of books and fun tools enabling them to discover the fantastic creatures that populate the exhibition.

For everyone


Tour booklet

From one page to the next, the booklet will accompany you throughout the exhibition and provides a glimpse behind the scenes during the preparation of the exhibition. Games and colouring images inspired by a creature prolong will prolong the experience on the way back.


Available from our visitor welcome staff


Young person’s booklet

Discover the exhibition in a fun way! Little games and observational challenges give them a better understanding of the works and tells them all about these strange creatures.


Available from our visitor welcome staff


An illuminating trail in simple French

The Louvre-Lens is committed to combating illiteracy and ensures that its educational resources are accessible to all. Explore a selection of works thanks to illustrated labels with explanations in simple French.

For everyone

Trail available free (+ admission to the exhibition)

The audio-guide

Explore a selection of works, as well as a fun trail for children, with commentaries by the exhibition’s curators, available through the on-site wi-fi without the need to download.

For everyone

Free on your smartphone. On the spot, connect to WiFi AUDIOGUIDELOUVRELENS and type the address louvre-lens. in your browser. Earbuds recommended.