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Restaurant, cafeteria, picnic area
The cafeteria

Located in the entrance hall, bathed in light and opening onto the park, the museum’s cafeteria offers savoury and sweet delights. The perfect place for a coffee, lunch or refreshment break.


  • The cafeteria is equipped with high chairs and microwaves.
  • Stick to the menu [L] and enjoy a 10% reduction!
Espace pique-nique
Espace pique-nique
Picnic area

The picnic area in the entrance hall is open all the time for those who have brought their own food. It has seating for 80 with a view of the park.


The picnic area is equipped with high chairs and microwaves.

L’Atelier de Marc Meurin

This new-style restaurant offers the chance for an enjoyable ‘Tea-time and Afterwork’ break

Discover an original menu of cocktails and sweet and savoury delicacies
with family, colleagues or friends.

Open Monday to Saturday (except Tuesday) for lunch and dinner, and for Sunday lunch.

Bookings: 03 21 18 24 90

Private parking.