THE GRANDE GALERIE A unique exhibition space: since the museum's opening, some of the greatest masterpieces and the greatest artists of the Louvre museum have been exhibited at Lens.

The Grande Galerie, main wing of the Louvre-Lens, runs for over 120 metres to the east of the reception hall and has a spectacular area of 3000 m2 all in one piece.

Its walls are panelled inside and outside with anodised aluminium. It has natural lighting overhead. Curatorship of the Galerie du Temps is by Jean-Luc Martinez, director of the Department of Greek, Etruscan and Roman Antiquities of the Louvre museum, and Vincent Pomarède, director of the Department of Paintings of the Louvre museum.

"In the Grande Galerie not only are works from the collections of the Louvre museum presented, they are exhibited in a new way: abandoning the traditional organisation into departments, the artworks are here presented in a single vast 3000 m2 gallery without any divisions. In this way, instead of stressing what divides and distances them, the Louvre-Lens will stress what brings civilisations together and what unites artistic practices.

With this new approach, unique in encyclopaedic museums, with the role given here to human and multimedia mediation and to gaining new audiences, and with its experimental dimension too, the Louvre-Lens is an opportunity for the Louvre."


Xavier DECTOT,

Director of the Louvre-Lens museum


The building of the Grande Galerie has been made possible by the sponsorship of the Crédit Agricole Nord de France