Time in art, catalogue of the exhibition in the pavillon de verre A co-edition with Invenit Éditions

Authors: Audrey Bodéré, Pierre-Yves Le Pogam, exhibition organisers

Man's perception of time – this is the subject proposed by the exhibition and continued in its catalogue. 

The essay, written by the exhibition's curators, is based on a parallel examination of cyclical and linear time. The works of art in the exhibition emphasise how, from the understanding of astronomical cycles back in Antiquity to the invention of mechanical timepieces, cyclical time has been the basis of the organisation of daily life, of the agricultural sciences and religious calendars. Magic, divination and the power of celestial bodies are no longer very far away... The theme of age is also considered, which raises the question of man's origins and the anguish caused by the passing of time. These reflections bring about some astonishing links across periods and civilisations: Greek vases, Roman bas-reliefs, Egyptian papyri, ink sketches, oil paintings by Watteau, Corot or Le Sueur, decorative objects from the modern period, engravings from the 19th century, contemporary video installations.

200,000 characters, 150 pages, 130 illustrations, approximately 17 x 23 cm €28 in the Louvre-Lens shop and in all bookshops.