The mobile multimedia guide Available to everyone at no extra charge

the multimedia guide of the Louvre-Lens museum offers you a range of audio or video content to accompany your tour through the Grande Galerie, the Pavillon de Verre and the Temporary Exhibition Gallery.

Through wide-ranging or themed commentaries (Myths and Legends, Arts and Religions, etc.), specialists on the collections of the Louvre Museum guide you in your exploration of the artworks on display. Multimedia animations sharpen your perception of the works exhibited in the Galerie du Temps by drawing your attention to particular details or symbolic attributes. To reproduce your tour experience as closely as possible, a 3D immersion in the Galerie du Temps is provided as the main interface, allowing you to access the different commentaries according to where you are.

And afterwards you can prolong your visit at home! Using your admission ticket, you will find on the museum's website the artworks that you marked as favourites on your multimedia guide. This will give you access to the memory of your tour and you can then share it with your family and friends.

The multimedia guide and digital media systems have been produced in partnership with Orange.

Multimedia mediation in the temporary exhibitions

Various different multimedia systems are available for your use in the temporary exhibitions of the Louvre-Lens. Integrated into the tour, these systems offer the keys to understanding as you explore the works of art on display. Whether they involve listening to a story or the possibility of interaction, the experiences offered by these systems are very varied.

In the "Renaissance" exhibition, an animated chronology shows visitors the scope of this historic and artistic period; a film recounts the travels of Leonardo da Vinci and a special virtual device allows you to leaf through the fabulous drawings of a work by Albrecht Dürer at your own pace.

In the "Perception of Time" exhibition, a poetic film describes the rhythms of the astronomical cycles; a more interactive system allows you to discover and manipulate the world's different calendars.

Multimedia mediation offers many different ways of understanding and appreciating the works on display on the visitor's tour, enriching and sharpening his perception, and making the visit a lively shared experience.