The discovery area Many new multimedia systems to give people a better understanding of what a museum is all about.

With free admission, the Discovery Area is an open space overlooking the visible and visitable reserves of the museum and its restoration workshops.

Life-size screenings allow visitors to meet the men and women who work at the Louvre or the Louvre-Lens and learn what they do. Large touch-screen tables enable you to search, handle and explore different media to discover "the private and public life of artworks" in three stages: how they entered the collections of the Louvre. How they are studied and restored. And finally, how they are exhibited.

The vast glass window overlooking the reserves is made interactive in places so that you can explore the visible reserves of the museum virtually in order to understand how and why artworks are stored and conserved in them. This multimedia space allows you to see, handle and experience in an entirely new way what goes on behind the scenes at the Louvre-Lens museum.