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The landscape park

The forecourt, wild grassland, groves, play areas, woodland, pond and vegetable garden are ideal places for contemplation, enjoyment and wellbeing.

This superb park covering 20 hectares is a self-contained masterpiece. Designed by landscape architect Catherine Mosbach, who sought to evoke the site’s mining past while respecting the local ecosystem, it provides glimpses of the legendary Stade Bollaert football stadium, the twin slag heaps of Loos-en-Gohelle, as well as the former mining town.

A veritable bridge between museum and town, the park is frequented by walkers, picnicking families, museum visitors, runners taking part in the famous Route du Louvre, locals attending sporting and cultural events during the Parc en Fête summer festival and nature lovers.

Numerous festive events can be organised in this natural space with its refined design.

A contemporary Louvre

With its long, gently curving lines and its anodised aluminium facades that reflect the landscape, the museum’s delicate, luminous glass form stretches out across the site of a former coal mine. It emerges gradually as you approach it through the surrounding park.