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Visual impairments

Easy access to the museum

Accessibility was integral to the design of the museum. As a result, the entire site is accessible.

Available to visitors:

  • A drop-off point near the entrance hall (reached via the loop road from the rue Paul Bert in Lens)
  • 3 disabled parking spaces near the museum (drop-off point loop road)


Finding your way around
  • A tactile guidance line on the main routes in the park
  • A tactile guidance line in the entrance hall
  • 5 tactile braille plans, locatable thanks to an acoustic orientation aid and a tactile guidance line, at the main entrances to the museum park (‘Drop off point’, ‘West entrance’ near the Jaurés car park, ‘Lens entrance’ near the Maison des Projets, ‘Jeanne d’Arc entrance’ near the Scène car park, ‘East entrance’ on the Large Haulageway, at the entrance)
  • 3 tactile braille maps inside the museum (entrance hall, reception space and group space)
  • Museum park and exhibition spaces on one level; basement accessible via large lifts
Visitor aids
  • Guide dogs are permitted throughout the site
  • Magnifying glasses enabling the visually impaired to study the works are available free of charge in the entrance hall


Exhibitions are available in braille

Tactile braille leaflets in French on the theme of languages and writing in the Galerie du Temps are available free of charge in the entrance hall

People with disabilities

The Musée du Louvre-Lens is also disabled-accessible.

Let us help you prepare your visit!

Isabelle Dupont
Head of visitor services and outreach
03 21 18 62 52



Disabled people with a disabled persons card are entitled to free admission (on presentation of proof), as is their accompanying adult.