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Mental, psychological and cognitive disabilities

Accessing the museum easily

Accessibility was an integral part of the museum’s design, and the entire site is accessible.

The following are available to visitors:

  • A drop-off point near the entrance hall (reached via the return loop from the rue Paul Bert in Lens).
  • 3 disabled parking spaces which can be booked on the museum website (droff-point return loop)


Special assistance
Trained staff

Disabled people receive special assistance. The visitor services, security, gallery and outreach staff have all received special training (S3A, accueil, accessibilité, accompagnement, given by the APEI in Lens).

Specially adapted security checks

Security checks are made systematically at the entrance to the museum (anti-terrorism plan). We know that these measures can occasionally be difficult for disabled people.

To prepare your visit, please contact Isabelle Dupont, head of visitor services on 03 21 18 62 62 or by email.

Specially adapted activities

Guided tours, workshops and activities are accessible to people with a mental disability: museum staff are trained to adapt their presentation to all audiences.


There is no charge for disabled people with a disabled person’s card (proof required), and accompanying adult.


Planning a group visit


In keeping with its aim of being accessible to everyone, the Musée du Louvre-Lens has developed a policy of welcoming disabled visitors by forming partnerships with regional organisations.

Assistance from the museum is precisely tailored to each group visit, which is planned in collaboration with the staff and users of these organisations.